Translation Service

Translation is the transformation of ideas from one language to another in a written format.

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Document Translation

Document Translation Service

  • Any type of business documents
  • Legal Documents (for example: employment contract, affidavit, wills)
  • Manuals/Technical manuals
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Website translation
  • Academic related

Industry-related solutions are available upon request.

Transcription / Subtilting

Transcription/Subtitling (per min)

  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Hardsub/Softsub
  • Onsite transcription

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Typesetting & Desktop Publishing

Typesetting & Desktop Publishing (DTP)

This translation service is used to transfer the translated content into a preset document layout.

  • Adobe Illustrator/Indesign/PDF/PPT
  • Font compatibility for all languages

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Combining the best of translation and creation to maintain the intent, style, tone and context in the target language. This type of translation service is used commonly in marketing and advertising campaigns or for business who are keen to enter into new Asian markets.

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