Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Rental

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Rental

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1. Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Rental (Bosch Integrus)

The Bosch Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment system is the industry’s leading solution for simultaneous interpreting. Interpreters sit in a soundproof booth and listeners use the infra-red receiver to listen to the interpretation.

This simultaneous equipment system includes

  • Support up to 32 different channels
  • Long battery life (up to 2 days on a single charge)
  • Wireless device that provides freedom of movement
  • No interference from lighting or any other signals
  • Stereo Digital audio quality
  • Provides privacy as intra-red signals do not pass through walls or ceilings

Transwrite Asia provides a technician for all events to manage the equipment.


2. Tourguide Equipment Rental (Various brands)

The tourguide equipment rental is used for events that requires participants to listen to a speaker or interpretation. The touguide equipment uses UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and is equipped with noise cancellation technology to deliver crystal clear audio.

Depending on the brand used, the following will have their limits imposed

  1. Operation distance: varies between 50m-100m
  2. Number of listeners to 1 transmitters: Up to 30 listeners or unlimited listeners to 1 transmitter

Tourguide equipment rental is most suited for

  1. Factory visits (or any venue/environment that requires the speaker to raise their voice)
  2. Press Conference
  3. Break-out sessions (within events)
  4. Focus-group discussions

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