Consecutive Interpreting Service

Consecutive Interpreting Services

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish a sentence or a thought before interpreting into the target language. Speaker is required to pause to allow interpretation.

Consecutive interpreting takes time as the same message is said twice, once in the source language (the speaker) and then interpreted into the target language. Consecutive Interpreters usually take notes or rely on their memory when interpreting.

Consecutive Interpreting is ideal for small business meetings (one to one or not more than 3), press conferences, interviews etc)

Q: I have a board meeting and my chairman needs an interpreter to do whisper interpretation. Should I be requesting for consecutive interpreting?

A: Consecutive interpreting is advisable for small group meetings between 2-3 attendees. If your board meeting has more than 5 attendees, we will recommend getting simultaneous interpreters so that the meeting can proceed with no delay. Click on "Request For A Quote" to find out more about simultaneous interpreting.