Translations FAQs


Q: What is the difference between a translator and an interpreter?

A: A translator translates written documents into the desired language while an interpreter translates speech verbally (usually at a venue or over the phone)


Q: How long does a document translation take?

A: Our translators can translate up to 1,600-1,800 words per day. Our sales or project executives will be able to advice you upon receiving actual document. We assess the lead time depending on the length and complexity of the document.


Q: Is there a minimum charge?

A: Yes, a minimum 1 page document charge is imposed for any translations below 400 words.

Please click here to enquire.


Q: What document formats do you work with?

A: Any formats from Microsoft office (e.g. Ms Word, Powerpoint), Adobe Creative Suite (e.g. Acrobat PDF, Illustrator or Indesign)


Q: How do you ensure my documents are safe?

A: We have a secure server with selected access only for related personnel (the translator working on your doc and project manager). All access is revoked once documents have been translated and all copies deleted securely within 3 months.


Q: How are translators screened for quality?

A: Our translators are assessed based on their experience, specialized topic and reputation in the industry. We also conduct periodic sample tests to make sure our translators maintain their quality.


Interpretation FAQs


Q: IN Which countries do you provide interpretation?

A: Asia Pacific countries and some overseas markets like US, UK, UAE and certain European countries


Q: How are interpreters screened for quality?

A: Interpreters are screened based on the following criteria.

  • Experience/Education
  • Reputation in the interpreting industry
  • Background check (if not able to quality for the other 2 criteria)
  • Phone interview

With these methods, we are able to maintain a professional pool of interpreters with various industry backgrounds. Please click here to enquire.


Q: What is the difference between consecutive or simultaneous interpretation?

A: In Consecutive Interpretation, the interpreter speaks after the speaker pauses or have finished their sentence.

In Simultaneous Interpretation, 2 interpreters work together in a team to interpret at the same time as the speaker is speaking.


Q: Where are your interpreters from?

A: We work with interpreters located in all Asia-pacific countries (Asian or European languages). We also work with interpreters stationed overseas to ensure we get the best available interpreters no matter where the request is from.


Payments FAQs


Q: What are the available payment methods

A: We have 2 methods available

1) Bank Transfer Or Cheque Payment.

Bank Name: DBS Bank Ltd
Bank Address: 12 Marina Boulevard Level 6 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 003
Account Name: Transwrite Asia Pte Ltd
Account No: 003-955132-0

All cheques should be crossed and addressed to “Transwrite Asia Pte Ltd” and sent to Yishun Central Post Office, PO Box 262, Singapore 917609

2) Online payment options

  • Paypal (subject to additional 5% admin fee)
  • Smoovpay (subject to additional 3% admin fee) 

Please email or call us at +65 6850 5108 if you need other payment options other than those stated.


Q: What payment terms do you offer?

A: 7 Days or 15 Days. We understand that certain companies have a strict payment policy and we welcome other payment term requests (subject to approval).


Q: Do I need to pay tax on top of the quoted fee?

A: TransWrite Asia’s prices are tax-free (until further notice).


Q: Is there any prepayment needed?

Depending on the total value of the project, we may request for an initial 50% deposit to be made upon confirmation with the remaining 50% payment after the event.


Other FAQs


Q: How are enquiries handled?

A: For translations, we will usually need to have a copy (softcopy or hardcopy) of the document(s) before we can make an accurate assessment and quote. If this is not available, we will quote based on the nature/topic of the document, requested deliverables and other information which will be requested from our sales team.

For Interpretation, we will need to know the date of the event (if available), topic of the industry or nature of event, interpretation mode needed. We will also quote based on information gathering via emails or over the phone.


Q: Can you sign my company's non-disclosure agreement?

A: We can either sign your company’s NDA or we can also provide our standard NDA (whichever is preferable).


Q: How fast does your team respond to email enquiries?

A: We reply within 3 hours upon receiving all email enquiries. If you need an urgent quote, feel free to call us at +65 6850 5108.


Q: What is TransWrite Asia's experience in this industry?

A: Even though we are a young company, our team members have at least 6 years (and counting!) of experience in this industry. We have experienced all sorts of potential issues clients have faced and will ensure to the best of our ability that such issues are not repeated.